PCP.FTT – CST Solution Tobin Tax & Financial Transaction Tax


CST Solution for managing reporting and instrumental requirements related to Tobin Tax or Financial Transaction Tax

Reference Standards

The Revenue Agency (“Agenzia delle Entrate”, ADE), by means of the   order issued by the Director on 07/18/2013,  acknowledges the terms of the Ministry of Economics and Finances (MEF) decree of 02/21/2013, enforcing two paragraphs of Law 228/2012 ( Law “of Stability” 2013).

The comprehensive references to normative documents are as follows:


MEF – 21/02/13 – 13A01834

  • Decreto MEF – Attuazione dei commi da 491 a 499 della legge n. 228/2012 (stabilita’ 2013) – imposta sulle transazioni finanziarie. (13A01834)

ADE – 18/07/13 – 2013/87896

  • Provvedimento imposta sulle transazioni finanziarie

The measure of ADE defines the commitment of specific subjects to pay the “Tobin Tax”  applied to trading of shares and equity instruments issued by companies domiciled in the territory of the Italian State.

Regarding to tax calculation and payment, the ADE measure provides stakeholders specific procedures designed to supply the required documentation in support of tax payment; CST PCP.FTT™ is the solution that provides the tools to fulfill these obligations.


PCP.FTT™ is consistent with all regulations and technical guidelines issued by Regulators and listed in this document.

PCP.FTT™ is the complete solution to fulfil the obligations connected to the payment of the “Tobin Tax”.

The solution features a powerful configurator that allows you to set:

the type of target environment (mapping supply systems, automation, data transformation, enrichment, routing), the powerful rule engine inside included in the solution, the method of integrations with Customer systems.

It allows Customers to manage in an automatic and controlled way the entire life-cycle of input and output flows, from their acquisition and/or sending, in heterogeneous forms both for format and process, to normalization, verification, transformation and enrichment through a powerful and configurable rules engine.

Process automation, refined rules management, events and automations, high adaptability to specific Customer needs, reduce manual and risky operations, creating automatic, efficient and controlled processes.


PCP.FTT™ is a software solution with an advanced architecture that is organized into self-contained modules and web services listed below:

  1. Basic Architecture / Systems Integration with Customer
  2. Analytical Monthly Statement (Orders Registry)
  3. Management of Certificates / Information of Exemption
  4. Annual Statement (FTT Form)
  5. Payment (F24 Form / Wire Transfer)
  6. Audit
  7. Reporting



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