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NPE marketplace


BlinkS s the marketplace for NPE developed by the Prelios Group, with over 100 market operators active in the sale and purchase of non-performing loans.



The goal of the project is to define the integration between BlinkS and PANDA, to guarantee the management of the entire life cycle of the Credits as well as facilitate the access to the buying and selling market for the financial intermediary.



FINWAVE is taking care of this project. The implemetation of the solution will roll-out a single and integrated platform covering all the operational processes related to the credit buying and selling process as well as the running management.

Main areas of intervention:

  • integrated management of contractual life cycle management processes
  • compliance: obligations towards all Supervisory Institutions and the Bank of Italy
  • full integration between management events and accounting management according to IFRS and Local GAAP standards.



  • Full technical/organizational interoperability within BlinkS and PANDA
  • Increased efficiency on all processes by means reduction of costs and time for the credit buying and selling management process

Goeal of the project

Digitization of NPE operational and transfer processes
Focus on efficiency on Credit buying and selling management process.

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